About Crafted Landscapes

Crafted Landscapes was established in 1979 by Philip Stray. As Philip describes the business and its evolution: ‘I started digging in my sandpit when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, and remain passionate about digging in the twenty-first century. From kitchen gardens in rural Victoria, to inner-city courtyards to gorgeous stone walls, labyrinths, spirals and intricate pebble designs, Crafted Landscapes is known for its intuitive design and unique style.

As well as a wide range of skills like carpentry, building and dry stone walls, Crafted Landscapes is experienced in innovative washed aggregate concrete finishes and use of coloured concrete pigments.

The Crafted Landscapes team comprises Philip Stray, Daniel Stray, Billy Bogan and cameo's by Steve Koslov!  Phil often works in collaboration with partner Kate Herd, also a designer, on plans and designs.